Apple user friendly?

Is apple user friendly?
Most apple fans say yes. Apple also says yes, and it's even one of their biggest selling points.

My conclusion after a few days of working with a macmini is that it's not.
I already made a few of the reasons public but in this blogpost i will get in more detail.

Mac osx support the renaming of files and folders.
However, you do need to know the trick.
Operating systems like windows (and i think linux also) supprt renaming by using a key combination. However, they also support renaming by calling up an action menu.
Apple also has an action menu, but it doesn't have a rename option. Why not? I have no idea. It does however supprt renaming by pressing the enter key. This key is used in other operating systems to launch the application or openthe folder.

The dock
The dock is not a bad idea, but it's rubbish.
When i'm in windows my folders and applications are grouped by type (when wanted). But when i hover over them, i see all my seperate windows. The grouping is clean and clear while keeping accesebility to all windows.
This is something i miss in the dock.
When i use the dock, i always have to search for my applications.
When i find the application i can click it and i get a window. But a low of times it's not the window i want.
So i need to use alt+tab to look trough the pages for my window of choice.
This is also supported by other operating systems.

Window size
Window size is also a something i hated.
As when you use a window, you will often want to maximise it, or use it in windowed mode.
The windowed mode it ok with th Mac, but windows and linux have done this a little better by allowing the screen resize from all sides and corners instead of just one.
Windows also has some nice features that make it a little better, but are nothing more then that.
What i do miss in the Mac os is full screen however.
It has no real full screen screen (maximised screen).
It does have this (+) button at the top. But that just stretches the screen to the top?
I really miss the maximise screen function on the mac.
Again, windows and linux already have this feature.

I don't know if it's me or that it's just bad of the Mac osx, but: when i tried to open: "Keychain", i couldn't find it in my applications/utility folder where it should be.
I then tried using the terminal, which looks a lot like the linux one (gues that comes from the unix background),  i could find it. But when i tried launching it, it told me it wasn't an application?
It's an app, it should be an app, it even has this app extension.
I tried launching other apps from the terminal, and those succedded.
Eventualy i have succeded in launching the application. But for this, i had to put in the app name in finder. Then i got a result of the application being in... you guesed right, Applications/utilities.
I still wonder how this could have happend...

iOS development
I also do some mobile app development. This is the reason we got this macmini in the first place. But today, i spend a whole day finding out how to sign my application.
Eventually i found out, i needed 4 applications, 5 downloads, 3 certeficates and 5 different webpages (not included followup forms) and a damn stressfull time to be able to do a clean build.
I spend time reading 4 different user manuals all about this app development, bu all written differently.
I needed one application. Apploader or something like that. I had to download it from the website, but there was no link to it?
I found the link only in the last manual i was reading. Which was on the page that should have the application.
Also configuration of the envirement is badly setup, and not really intuitive.
This however will not be a problem for most mac users.

The taskbar
The application taskbar is something quite prominent within the mac osx. It is however the least intuitive part of the whole OS.
It's something windows and linux have done like they should have. Included within the application window itself.
This is really intuitive as it allows for a clear view what applications taskbar you are using, and what functions are really part of the application.
And no, launching the system properties when in xcode is not something that should happen in my opinion.

Positive points
The Mac osx also has some positive points.
I like the doc being able to enlarge a part of it when hovering over it, and the buildin screenshot capabilities are far superior to the windows one.

These however are poor points in comparison to the negative points. 

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