Nokia WP7

How can nokia be such an idiot.
They try to be different by using a OS that you can't change to your companies needs.
An operating system that is ugly (personal opinion) and still in the child phase.

It can't copy past (yet), multitasking isn't possible (at least in applications).
Even the market didn't want WP7 so far. It only has a market share of 7%.

If Nokia wants to be really different, they should have kept Symbian, or they should have focussed on meego.


Symbian is a very good OS.
It's stable, has an fair amount of apps.
Free offline navigation.
Copy paste.
It's easy to use.
It's good for all kinds of phones. (High end, mid-range and low end, touch and non toutch).
And the best thing: It's battery friendly.


Meego i don't really know a lot about.
I don't like the interface as far as i've seen it.
But it has a 'normal' linux core.
You can deploy all sorts of linux applications on it, and you can deploy all (or most) of the android applications on it.
This means it has a shitload of apps available.
Becouse it's linux core, it also has a really stable base to grow on and already starts out more mature then any other mobile os has did so far.


Windows Phone 7 is the worst choice they could have made.
It has a small amount of apps and app developers. No good free navigation (nokia will port ovi maps to bing maps though).
It isn't as battery friendly as Symbian.
It demands you use a specific minimum parts.
It's not as buisiness friendly as Symbian (Focus on xbox live for instance).
It's still a child.
It's market share is small and it's even smaller then the windows mobile market share was before.


I can understand why nokia didn't want an Android phone.
Altough the could have changed it excactly to how they wanted it to be, it's just another Android phone.
The Android market has a lot of competition, and hardware wise nokia does fall behind at the moment.
Android does have a great userbase, and it's still a growing market making it a good possibility.
Android would have been in my top choices though i don't find it strange Nokia didn't choose it as a new general OS.

New / Other OS

This would have been a bad choice.
It would cost a lot of money and time to create a new OS and the other exesting OS's are not ready for the big market or are just bad.


My choice

My choice would have been Nokia continuing using Symbian on high end devices but spending more recources on the development of the Symbian os.

Also Meego would have been a great choice. It would have been a fresh start with an OS that does have a huge amount of application. A huge amount of ppl waiting for it, and of course, it's also already really mature (relativly speaking that is).

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